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Pain When Eating And Swallowing

Below you will find diseases or conditions that include Pain When Eating And Swallowing as a possible symptom. Click on the View Information link for disease or condition information.

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Chest Pain
Chokes (severe Breathing Difficulty)
Difficulties Swallowing
Pain When Eating And Swallowing

View Information on - achalasia



Burning Sensations - Skin
Changes In Mental Status
Flat, Red Rash - Groin - Between The Toes And Fingers - Under Breast - Skin Folds
Itchiness - Skin
Pain When Eating And Swallowing
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Itchiness
White Discharge
White Thick Creamy Patches - Mouth

View Information on - candidiasis


Esophageal Stricture

Difficulties Swallowing
Food May Feel As Though Its Stuck In The Throat
Pain When Eating And Swallowing
Stomach Acid Surfacing Into The Mouth
Vomit May Contain Mucus Or Blood

View Information on - esophageal stricture


Trench Mouth

Bad Breath
Bleeding Gums
Gray Film On Gums
Pain When Eating And Swallowing
Painful Gums
Red Gums
Swollen Gums (near Teeth)
Swollen Lymph Nodes Around The Head And Neck
Tooth Erosion Along The Borders Of The Gums
Tooth Loss
Ulcers Between The Teeth And On The Gums
Unpleasent Taste In The Mouth

View Information on - trench mouth

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