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Burning Sensation During Urination

Below you will find diseases or conditions that include Burning Sensation During Urination as a possible symptom. Click on the View Information link for disease or condition information.

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Bladder Tumor

Bloody Urine
Burning Sensation During Urination
Frequent Urination
Pain During Urination

View Information on - bladder tumor



Burning Sensation During Urination
Joint Pain
Mild Fever
Rectal Discharge
Rectal Discomfort
Sore Throat
White, Green Or Yellowish Discharge From The Urethra

View Information on - gonorrhea



Abdominal Pain
Burning Sensation During Urination
Discharge From The Penis
Frequent Urination
Pain While Ejaculating
Pelvic Pain
Semen In The Urine
Swelling Of The Groin Area
Tenderness Of The Groin Area
Vaginal Discharge

View Information on - urethritis

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