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The body areas below are alphabetical and you will find symptoms that are associated with each area. Click on symptom link to find symptom groups that contain your symptom and find a possible diagnosis. Remember to always consult your doctor or other medical professional before making any medical decision.
Enjoy your free online medical screening!

Body Areas


  Abdominal Cramps
  Abdominal Discomfort
  Abdominal Distention
  Abdominal Obesity
  Abdominal Pain
  Abdominal Pain - Severe
  Abdominal Pain-mainly On The Left Side
  Burning Sensation In The Stomach
  Burning Sensation In The Upper Abdomen
  Cramping Pain In The Lower Left Abdomen
  Decreased Fetal Movement
  Enlarged Liver
  Enlarged Spleen
  Fluid In Abdomen
  Hard Lump Or Growth In Upper Right Abdomen
  Intense Stomach Pain
  Involuntary Urination Resulting From Sudden Natural Abdominal Pressure
  Mass Or Lump In The Abdomen That Can Be Felt
  Olive-size Muscular Mass In The Upper Abdomen - Newborn
  Pain Above The Pubic Bone
  Pain Around Or Below The Belly Button
  Pain In Lower Abdomen
  Pain In Lower Right Abdomen
  Pain In The Upper Abdomen
  Pain In Upper-right Abdomen
  Pain That Moves From The Back Down To The Lower Abdomen
  Pressure On The Bladder
  Pulsing Sensation In Abdomen
  Stomach Cramps
  Stomach Pain
  Stomach Swelling
  Swollen Abdomen
  Tender Abdomen
  Tender Mass In Upper Right Abdomen
  Tenderness In Upper-right Abdomen


  Arm Pain Or Discomfort
  Brown Irregular Patches Found On The Forearms
  Bruises On Arms
  Elbow Pain And Numbness
  Enlarged Nodes Under Arm
  Immobility Of The Arms And Legs
  Loose And Floppy Arms
  Loss Of Movement In Arms
  Loss Underarm Hair
  Numbness - Arms - Hands
  Pain That Radiates From The Outside Of The Elbow To The Inside Of The Forearm And Wrist
  Pain That Radiates Into The Arm
  Pain When Extending The Wrist
  Painful Legions On Sweat Glands In Armpits
  Sore Under Arm
  Stiffness Of The Arms
  Sudden “heavy” Feeling In An Arm
  Swollen Arms
  Tingling - Burning Or Numbing Sensations - Arm
  Tingling Sensation In The Arms
  Weakness In The Forearm
  Weakness Of The Arms


  Abnormal Curve Of The Spine
  Arching The Back When Walking
  Back Pain
  Back Stiffness
  Chronic Back Pain
  Sharp Pain Between Shoulder Blades
  Stiff Back After Sitting Or Standing For Long Periods Of Time
  Weakness In Spine

Bones / Skeletal Structure

  Abnormal Bone Growth - Infants
  Bone Deformities
  Bone Fractures That Occur Easily
  Bone Pain
  Bone Tenderness
  Broken Bones
  Increased Bone Density
  Low Bone Density
  Pain And Swelling Located Around The Fractured Area
  Protruding Bones
  Skeletal Deformities
  Stress Fractures
  Swelling Over Bone
  Tenderness Near Fractured Area
  Weakness Of A Limb Or Body Part


  Bloody Discharge In Nipple
  Breast Discomfort
  Breast Disfigurement
  Breast Enlargement
  Breast Pain
  Breast Tenderness
  Dimpled Skin Near Breast
  Hardness In Breast(s)
  Hot Area In Breast
  Lump In Breast
  Redness Of Breast
  Swollen Breast


  Anal Discharge
  Anal Itching
  Anal Pain
  Blood Discharge From The Rectum
  Blood On The Stool
  Blood On Toilet Paper After Wiping
  Bruises On Buttock
  Buttocks Pain
  Color Abnormalities Of The Skin In The Surrounding Fistula
  Diaper Rash – In Infants
  Discomfort When Sitting
  Firm Tissue Mass Appears After Bowel Movements
  Fullness Of The Rectum Or Bowels
  Itching Around The Rectum
  Itching Or Irritated Skin Around Anus
  Mucus Discharge From The Rectum (may Have A Small Quantity Of Blood)
  Pain During Or Directly Following A Bowel Movement
  Pain When Sitting
  Painful Bowel Movements
  Presence Of A Firm And Tender Lump Around The Anal Opening
  Pressure On The Rectum
  Protrusions Around The Anus Or Rectum
  Pus Discharge From Cyst
  Rectal Bleeding
  Rectal Discharge
  Rectal Discomfort
  Rectal Pain
  Rectal Redness
  Rectal Swelling
  Rectal Throbbing Or Dull Pain
  Redness Around The Buttocks Area
  Sharp Pain Accompanying The Passage Of A Large Or Firm Stool
  Small To Large Red Raised Dots Around The Buttocks Area
  Smell Of Feces
  Soreness And Tenderness Around The Buttocks Area
  Streaked Stains Of Blood On Underwear, Diaper, Or Toilet Paper
  Swelling Or Redness Of Buttocks
  Watery Discharge From The Rectum


  Abnormal Heartbeat
  Abnormally Slow And Shallow Breathing During Sleep
  Angina Pectoris
  Barking Cough
  Blocked Or Inflammation Of The Airways
  Breast Milk Production - Female Or Male
  Breathing Difficulties
  Breathing Stops
  Breathing Stops – Between Ten Seconds To A Minute Long
  Burning Pain Located In The Center Chest And Upper, Center Abdomen
  Burning Sensation In Chest
  Chest Discomfort With Cough
  Chest Pain
  Chest Pain (worsens With Cough And Heavy Breathing)
  Chest Pain That Increases With Movement
  Chest Tightness
  Collapse Of Different Areas Of The Lungs
  Cough That Produces Little To No Sputum
  Cough With Sputum
  Cough Without Sputum
  Coughing - Typically Accompanied By Mucus, Phlegm, Or Blood Mixed Into The Saliva
  Coughing Fits Followed By A Whoop Sound Upon A Deep Breath Afterwards
  Coughing Up Blood
  Coughing – Commonly Accompanied With By A Dark Reddish Brown Sputum
  Difficulty Breathing While At Rest
  Dry Cough
  Enlarged Heart
  Fast Or Irregular Heart Beat
  Fluid In Cough
  Fluttering In The Chest
  Gasping For Air
  Heart Attack
  Heart Murmurs
  Heart Palpitations
  Impaired Breathing
  Inflamed Rib Location May Be Sensitive To Touch
  Irregular Heart Beat
  Little To No Breast Development – In Women
  Lung Congestion
  Lung Infections
  Nodules In The Lungs
  Persistent Cough
  Prolonged Rapid Heartbeat, Even While At Rest
  Rapid Breathing
  Rapid Heart Beat
  Rapid Or Irregular Heartbeat
  Recurrent Respiratory Infections
  Ribs Draw Inward While Breathing
  Shallow Breathing
  Shortness Of Breath
  Shortness Of Breath During Physical Exertion
  Slow Heart Beat
  Spasm Within Diaphragm
  Squeezing, Heaviness, Or Tightness That Can Extend To The Left Arm, Jaw, Back, Or Neck
  Worsening Shortness Of Breath

Digestive Tract

  Abnormal Or Infrequent Bowel Movements
  Acid Reflux
  Backward Flow Of Stomach Contents Into The Throat And Mouth
  Belching Or Burping
  Black Stool (caused By Stomach Bleeding)
  Black Tarry Stools
  Bleeding In The Digestive Tract
  Blood In Stool
  Blood In Stools - Infants
  Bowel Movements That Occur In Pants Or In Other Inappropriate Places
  Bowel Sounds That You Can Hear
  Breast Milk Or Formula Returning Up Through The Mouth During / After Feedings - Infants
  Bulky Stool
  Chronic Diarrhea
  Clay-colored Stools
  Digestion Complications
  Digestive Problems, Poor Absorption Of Enzymes And Minerals
  Dry Stools - Infants
  Failure To Pass A Stool
  Failure To Pass Gas
  Feeling Full Quickly While Eating
  Feeling Like You Still Need To Go After Bowel Movement Is Complete
  Fewer Than Three Bowel Movements A Week
  Forced Return Of Food After Feedings - Infants
  Foul Or Rank Stools
  Frequent Bowel Movements
  Frequent Loose, Watery Stools During Or Immediately After Intense Exercise
  Greasy Stool
  Hard Stools - Infants
  Hard, Dry Or Lumpy Stools
  Hardness Of Stool
  Having To Strain During Bowel Movements
  Hunger After Vomiting - Newborn
  Inability To Properly Hold Bowel Movements
  Intestinal Bleeding
  Large Appetite With Little Or No Weight Gain
  Light Colored Stools
  Light Or Pale, Whitish Stools
  Loose, Bulky, Pale Stools
  Mucus In Stool
  Narrow Stools
  Not Passing A Stool Within A Five Day Span - Infants
  Pain While Passing Stools - Infants
  Passing Blood Instead Of Stools
  Recurrent Vomiting After Feeding - Newborn
  Stomach Acid Surfacing Into The Mouth
  Stomach Bleeding
  Stomach Discomfort
  Stools Accompanied By Red Clots
  Stools That Are Loose, Watery And More Frequent Than Normal - Infants
  Upset Stomach
  Urge To Have A Bowel Movement When No Stool Is Present
  Urgent Bowel Movement Feeling
  Urgent Feeling Of Having A Bowel Movement Shortly After Eating
  Vomit May Contain Mucus Or Blood
  Vomiting - Infants
  Vomiting Blood
  Vomiting Following A Coughing Fit In Children
  Worms In Stool


  Bleeding From The Ear
  Bruising Of Skin Behind Ear
  Changes In Hearing
  Clear Fluid Draining From The Ear
  Clicking Sound In The Ears
  Deformation Of The Ear
  Difficulty Hearing High Tones
  Difficulty Hearing In A Crowd Or With Background Noise
  Difficulty Understanding Speech
  Ear Pain
  Ear Pain That Often Worsens When The Earlobe Is Pulled
  Ear Redness
  Ear Swelling
  External Ear Is Pushed Sideways And Downward
  Fluid Accumulation In The Middle Ear
  Gradual Hearing Loss
  Hearing Loss
  Hearing Loss In One Ear
  Humming Sound In The Ears
  Impaired Hearing
  Increased Sensitivity To Sound
  Itching In Ear
  Low Set Small Ears
  Mild To Severe Hearing Loss
  Outer Ear Pain
  Pain Behind The Ear On One Side
  Perception Of Sound In The Ear
  Pus - Outer Ear
  Pus Or Fluid Discharge From Within Ear
  Ringing In The Ears
  Roaring Sound In The Ears
  Sense Of Fullness Or Pain In Either One Or Both Of The Ears
  Skin Over The Area Of The Mastoid Process May Appear Red, Tender, Swollen
  Small Lump Or Boil In The Outer Ear Canal
  Temporary Hearing Loss Or Difficulties On The Infected Side
  Throbbing In The Ears
  Whistling Sound In The Ears


  Abnormal Eye Movements
  Abnormal Vision
  Alterations In Pupil Size
  Black-and-blue Around Eyes
  Blind Spots
  Blink Eyes Repeatedly
  Bloody Eyelids
  Blurred Vision
  Bruising Around The Eyes
  Bulging Eyes
  Burning Eyes
  Change In Eye Color – Each Eye May Be A Different Color
  Change Of Color In The Eyes
  Clouding Of The Cornea
  Constricted Pupils
  Crossed Eyes
  Decreased Vision
  Difficulty Closing One Eye
  Difficulty Seeing Things Close Up
  Distant Objects Appear To Be Blurry
  Double Vision
  Droopy Eyelids
  Dry Eyes
  Dulled Colors
  Excessive Tearing Or Dryness In One Eye
  Eye Discharge
  Eye Irritation
  Eye Pain
  Eye Pain When Bending Over
  Eye Redness
  Eye Sensitivity To Wind
  Eye Squinting
  Eye Strain
  Eye Swelling
  Eye Tenderness
  Eyelashes Falling Out
  Eyelids Are Forced Shut
  Eyelids Stuck Together After Sleeping
  Eyes Get Tired When Reading
  Feeling Of Something In Your Eye
  Foamy Deposits On Whites Of Eyes
  Gold Rings Around The Cornea
  Greasy Flakes And Redness On Eyelid Edges
  Gritty Feeling In The Eye
  Haloed Or Blurred Lights
  Impaired Eye Movement
  Increase In Tear Production
  Increased Photosensitivity
  Inflammation Of The Eyes
  Inflammation,redness Or Irritation Of The Conjunctiva
  Inner Eye Bleeding And/or Bruising
  Involuntary Eye Movements
  Itchy Eyes
  Loss Of Peripheral Vision
  Lump On Eyelid
  Night Blindness
  Observable Object Lodged In Eye
  Pain Around Eye
  Pain Behind Eye
  Painful Eyelid
  Partial Loss Of Vision
  Pink Or Light Blue Eyes
  Poor Night Vision
  Puffy Eyelids
  Puffy Eyes
  Pupil Dilation
  Rapid Blinking
  Red, Watery Or Irritated Eyes
  Red-purple Inflammation On The White Areas Of The Eye
  Redness In The Whites Of The Eyes
  Sagging Skin Around The Eyes
  Scarring Of The Cornea
  Sensation Of Flashing Lights In Eyes
  Sensitivity To Light
  Sensitivity To Sunlight
  Small Sores On Eyelid
  Softened Cornea
  Spasms Of The Eyelids
  Sunken Eyes
  Sunken Eyes - Infants
  Swollen Eyelids
  Teary Eyes
  Temporary Blindness
  Ulcers In The Eye
  Unable To Close Eyelids All The Way
  Uncontrollable Tearing
  Variations In Pupil Size
  Vision Impairment
  Vision Loss
  Watery Eyes
  Whitening Of Pupils
  Worsened Eye Irriation From Blinking
  Yellow Discoloration In The Whites Of The Eyes


  Abnormal Facial Expression
  Abnormal Facial Movements
  Blushing Or Flushing Of The Face
  Broad Flat Face With A Short Nose
  Brown Irregular Patches Found On The Face
  Enlarged Jaw Muscles
  Enlargement Of The Salivary Glands
  Facial Pain
  Facial Paralysis
  Hollow Cheeks
  Lack Of Growth Of Facial Hair – In Men
  Loss Of Control Over Facial Expression
  Loss Of Sensation On One Side Of Face
  Numbness On One Side Of Face
  Pimples On Face Or Neck
  Puffy Face
  Rash – Typically Starting On The Face And Quickly Spreading
  Red Rash On Face
  Spasms Of The Face
  Spasms Of The Jaw
  Stiffness Of The Jaw
  Sudden Paralysis/weakness In One Side Of The Face Causing A Drooping Appearance
  Sweating On Only One Side Of The Face
  Swelling In Face Or Genitals
  Swelling Of The Face
  Tendency To Blush Easily
  Tiny Pearly White Cysts On The Face
  Whiteheads On Face Or Neck


  A Fixed Curled, Bent, Or Rigid Position Of The Toe
  Abnormal Sensations In The Toes
  Ankle Brusing
  Ankle Pain
  Ankle Swelling
  Big Toe May Point Inward Towards The Other 4 Toes
  Bleeding Under The Skin - Ankle
  Bruises On Feet
  Burning Feeling - Foot
  Burning Or Tingling Sensation - Toes
  Cold Toes
  Cramping In The Feet
  Difficulty Moving Toe
  Fluid Build Up Located Beneath The Thickened Skin On Foot
  Foot Blisters
  Foot Pain
  Increased Pain When Walking
  Itchiness - Redness And Scaling On The Foot
  Numbness Of Toes
  Pain And Tenderness In The Heel And Soles Of The Foot
  Pain In The Ball Of The Foot
  Pain Or Dull Ache
  Pain Or Sweling In Nail
  Pain When Moving The Toe
  Pain While Standing, Walking, Or After Rising From A Long Period Of Sitting Or Lying Down
  Painful Toes
  Pale And Slightly Blue Toes
  Papules On Bottoms Of The Feet
  Pus-filled Blisters Around Toenail
  Skin On Foot May Crack - Peel And Bleed
  Swollen Feet
  Swollen Feet And Ankles
  Thickened Skin Over A Bony Bump Located Towards Base Of Big Toe
  Tingling Of The Feet
  Tingling Of Toes
  Tingling Sensation In The Toes, Feet, And Ankles
  Toe Pain
  Toe Redness
  Toe Swelling
  Whitish Area In Nail

General Health Symptoms

  A Weakening Of Pulse From The Point Of Blockage Forward Away From The Heart
  Abnormal Blood Pressure
  Abnormal Involuntary Body Movements (chorea)
  Abnormal Movement - Newborn
  Abuse Of Diuretics
  Abuse Of Laxatives
  Aches And Pains Ranging Throughout The Body
  Agitated Night Time Sleep
  Appetite Loss
  Aversion To Noise
  Aversion To Physical Touch
  Avoiding Eye Contact
  Bed Wetting
  Binge Eating
  Bleeding Longer Than Normal
  Body Feels Hot - Infants
  Body Odor
  Body Temperature Above 100° F
  Central Nervous System Dysfunction
  Changes In Appetite
  Changes In Hair
  Changes In Sleeping And Eating Habits
  Changes In Sleeping And Eating Habits - Infants
  Chorea – Uncontrolled Movement Of The Arms And Legs
  Chronic Pain With No General Cause
  Clumsy Movements
  Cold And Bluish Limbs
  Consciousness During The Seizure
  Crying - Infants
  Crying With No Apparent Cause - Baby
  Crying Without Tears - Infants
  Damaged Blood Vessels
  Daytime Fatigue Or Tiredness
  Death During Sleep - Baby
  Decreased Fetal Growth
  Decreased Libido
  Decreased Sex Drive
  Delayed Puberty
  Delayed Social Skills
  Difficulty Or Inability To Produce Breast Milk/breast-feed
  Difficulty Performing Simple Tasks
  Difficulty Sleeping
  Difficulty To Stay Warm
  Difficulty Walking
  Disordered Speech Patterns
  Drop In Body Temperature
  Easily Bleeding – Ranging From Bruises To Uncontrollable Bleeding
  Eating Items Not Generally Regarded As Food
  Electrolyte Imbalance
  Elevated Fasting Blood-triglycerides
  Elevated Resting Pulse
  Enlarged Fetus
  Enlarged Lymph Glands
  Enlarged Spleen In Childhood And Poorly Or No Longer Functions By Adolescence
  Episodes Of High Blood Pressure
  Erratic Appetite
  Excessive Crying - Baby
  Excessive Hair Growth
  Excessive Hunger
  Excessive Perspiration
  Excessive Thirst
  Exercising Excessively
  Failure To Go Through, Or Finish Going Through, Puberty
  Falling Asleep While Driving, Working, Talking Etc...
  Feeling Sluggish
  Feeling The Need To Sleep In Propped Up Position
  Female Hair Growth On The Chest, Back, And Face
  Fever - Severe
  Flu-like Symptoms
  Fluid Retention
  Flush Face - Baby
  Frequent Infections
  Full Of Energy
  Height And Weight Do Not Progress Properly
  High Blood Pressure
  High Body Temperature
  High Fasting Blood Sugar Or High Insulin
  High Levels Of Insulin
  Hot Flashes
  Inability To Carry On Conversations
  Inability To Move Part Of The Body
  Inability To Speak
  Inability To Walk Distances
  Inappropriate Responses In Conversation
  Increase Of Activities
  Increased Appetite
  Increased Sensitivity To Pain
  Increased Sex Drive
  Infants May Be Slow To Sit Or Crawl
  Inflammation In The Veins
  Inflammation Of The Blood Vessels
  Inflammation Of The Mucous Membranes In The Mouth, Eyes, And Genitals.
  Insufficient Eating
  Intermittent Fevers
  Internal Bleeding
  Irritable - Infants
  Jerking Movements
  Joint Feels Hot
  Joint Inflammation
  Joint Pain
  Joint Pain A Few Days Prior To The Development Of A Rash
  Joint Pain Accompanied By Swelling And Redness
  Joint Pain In Adult Women
  Kicking, Hitting, Etc.
  Lack Of Coordination
  Lack Of Energy
  Lack Of Mobility
  Lack Of Motivation
  Lack Of Talking
  Lack Of Voice Deepening – In Men
  Lack Of Well-being
  Language And Social Skills To Deteriorate
  Large Body Size
  Less Interactive - Infants
  Less Need For Sleep
  Lethargy - Infants
  Limited Movement In The Joint
  Loss Of Balance
  Loss Of Body Fat
  Loss Of Body Temperature Control
  Loss Of Bowel Or Bladder Control
  Loss Of Consciousness
  Loss Of Energy
  Loss Of Pulse
  Loss Of Sensation
  Low Blood Pressure
  Low Blood Sugar
  Mal Nourished
  Malaise (generally Ill Feeling)
  Mild Fatigue
  Mild Fever
  Mild Fever – Below 100°f - Infants
  Morning Stiffness
  Night Sweats
  No Symptoms
  Nocturia - Waking Up From Sleep At Night To Pass Urine
  Normal Sleep Until Early Morning
  Organ Failure
  Over Interest In Motion And Lights
  Overall Feeling Of Being Ill
  Overall Feeling Of Illness
  Pain That Increases At Night
  Paralysis To One Side Of The Body
  Partial Paralysis
  Partial Seizures
  Periods Of Excessive Sleep
  Periods Of No Sleep
  Poor Balance
  Poor Coordination
  Poor Feeding In Infants
  Poor Hygiene
  Poor Reflexes - Newborn
  Profound Fatigue
  Profuse Shaking Or Muscle Spasms
  Profuse Sweating
  Pus Filled Nodular Legions Affecting The Sweat Glands
  Rapid Pressured Speech
  Rapid Pulse
  Rapid Weight Loss
  Recent Allergies Or Cold
  Recurrent Fever
  Recurring Fever
  Refusal To Eat Or Drink - Infants
  Refusal To Walk
  Regional Twitches
  Repeated Jerking
  Repetitious Body Movements
  Restless Sleep
  Seizures - Infants
  Sensitivity To The Cold
  Severe Distortion Of The Body
  Shock (severe)
  Short Stature
  Signs Of Respiratory Illness
  Sleep Apnea
  Sleep Deprivation
  Sleep Disturbances
  Sleep Followed By Frightening Or Anxiety Driven Thoughts
  Slow Growth Rate
  Slow Motor Skill Development
  Slow Physical Development
  Sluggish Movement
  Small Muscles
  Speaking Loudly
  Speech Develops Slowly
  Speech Impediments
  Spinning Sensation
  Staggering When Walking
  Stiff Joints
  Stooped Posture
  Stunted Growth
  Sudden Death
  Sudden Pain
  Sudden Spells Of Dizziness, Weakness, Or Confusion
  Swelling Of The Stomach, Legs, And Feet
  Swollen Glands
  Swollen Joints
  Swollen Lymph Nodes
  Swollen Sweat Glands
  Swollen, Rubbery, Distinct Lymph Glands
  Tender Joint
  Throbbing Joint Pain
  Tingling Sensations And Numbness In The Hands And Feet
  Total Lost Of Body Hair
  Trembling Or Shaking
  Uncontrollable Body Tremors
  Unsteady Gait
  Vague Weakness
  Violent Behavior
  Vitamin Deficiency
  Vocal Tics – Humming, Grunting, Yelling, Swearing, Inappropriate Comments, Etc.
  Warm Feeling In Joint
  Water Retention
  Weakness On One Side Of The Body
  Weight Gain
  Weight Loss

Genital And Urinary Tract - Female

  A Greenish Yellow, Frothy Discharge
  Absence Of Menstrual Periods
  Bleeding After Intercourse
  Changes In Menstrual Cycle
  Cysts Or Lesions May Spread To Vulva, Buttocks, Etc...
  Delayed To Non-commencing Of Menstruation Cycle – In Women
  Excessive Bleeding During Periods
  Extreme Or Heavy Menstrual Periods
  Foul Smelling Discharge
  Genital Pain And/or Itching
  Genital Redness
  Hard Nodule Felt In The Urethra
  Heavy And Painful Periods
  Inflammation Of The Cervix
  Irregular Periods
  Irritated Vulva
  Irritation Of The Genital Area
  Loss Of Pubic Hair
  Missed Periods
  Mucus Discharge From Vagina
  No Menstrual Periods After Puberty
  Pain During Intercourse
  Swollen Labia
  Swollen Vulva
  Thick Or Foamy Vaginal Discharge
  Uneven Whitish Line Inside The Vagina
  Unexplainable Vaginal Bleeding
  Vaginal Bleeding
  Vaginal Bleeding Or Spotting Between Menstrual Periods
  Vaginal Discharge
  Vaginal Dryness
  Vaginal Itchiness
  Vaginal Odor
  Vaginal Or Rectal Tears
  Vaginal Reddening
  Vulval Bleeding
  White Discharge

Genital And Urinary Tract - M / F

  Abnormally Large Amounts Of Urine
  Bloody Urine
  Brown Discoloration Of The Urine
  Burning Sensation During Urination
  Change In The Color Of Urine
  Changes In Urination
  Cloudy Urine
  Dark Urine
  Decreased Urination
  Difficulty Urinating
  Diminished Ability To Produce Sex Cells – Either Sperm Or Eggs
  Excessive Urination
  Foam When Urinating
  Foul-smelling Urine
  Frequent And Persistent Urge To Urinate
  Frequent Urination
  Genital Itchiness
  Genital Soreness
  Genital Sores
  Growths Around The Sex Organs May Be Irregular Shaped, With A Cauliflower-like Texture
  Inability To Urinate
  Increased Urination At Night
  Infrequent To No Urination - Infants
  Less Urine Production
  Open Painless Cyst, Erosion, Or Lesion Located On Or Within Genitals
  Pain During Urination
  Pain That Moves From The Back Down To The Groin
  Painless Sores
  Raised Bumps In Genital Areas
  Sexual Dysfunction
  Small Quantities When Urinating
  Urethral Discharge
  Urine Incontinence
  White, Green Or Yellowish Discharge From The Urethra

Genital And Urinary Tract - Male

  A Bend Or Curve Visible In An Erect Penis
  Bleeding - Penis
  Blood In Semen
  Burning Sensation When Urinating
  Discharge From The Penis
  Ejaculation That Occurs Too Early
  Enlarged Lymph Glands In Groin
  Feeling Of Fullness In The Scrotum
  Firm Swelling On Testicle
  Genital Pain
  Inability To Obtain An Erection
  Inflammation Of The Male Foreskin And/or Penis Head
  Inflammation Of The Prostate Gland
  One Or Both Testicles Have Not Descended Into The Scrotum
  Pain While Ejaculating
  Pain, Swelling, Heat, And Redness Located At The Rear Top Region Of The Testicle
  Painful Ejaculation
  Painful Erections
  Painfully Swollen Testicles
  Painless Sore On Penis
  Penis Pain
  Penis Reddening
  Penis Redness And Swelling
  Prolonged, Painful Erection (the Erection May Last Hours To Days)
  Semen In The Urine
  Shortening Of The Penis
  Small Genitalia
  Sudden And Urgent Urinating
  Swelling Or Redness Of The Scrotum
  Testes Can Move Up Into The Abdomen
  Testicle Pain
  Testicles Have Not Dropped Into Scrotum - Baby
  Thick Hard Band Of Fibrous Tissue In One Or More Locations On The Penis
  Undescended Testes


  Groin Pain
  Swelling Of The Groin Area
  Tenderness Of The Groin Area


  A High-pitched Sound When Trying To Move The Thumb And Wrist
  Abnormal Sensations In The Fingertips
  Bluish Colored Nails
  Bruises On Hands
  Burning Or Tingling Sensation - Fingers
  Burning Sensations - Hand
  Chronic Writer’s Cramp
  Clicking Or Popping Sensation When Moving The Finger
  Cold Clammy Hands
  Cold Fingers
  Coldness, Blue Discolorations, And Swelling The Hands And/or Fingers
  Deformed And Thick Nails
  Difficulty Pinching-using The Thumb And Index Finger
  Dry Skin On The Palms
  Finger Catches Or Locks In The Bent Position
  Finger Stiffness
  Hand Cramps
  Hand Numbness
  Inability To Squeeze Or Make A Fist
  Loss Of Hand Coordination
  Moist Between Fingers
  Numbness At The Back Of The Thumb Which May Spread To The Index Finger
  Numbness In Fingers
  Open Sore Between The Fingers
  Pain And Tenderness In The Finger
  Pain At The Base Of The Thumb And Wrist
  Pain Or Swelling In Nail
  Pale And Slightly Blue Fingers
  Papules On Backs Of The Hands
  Puffy Hands
  Redness Of Nail Without Pain
  Redness Of The Palms
  Repetitive Hand Motions - Resembling Washing Or Wringing
  Sense Of Touch May Be Diminished Or Lost
  Short Broad Hands With Only One Crease Across The Palm
  Sore Areas On The Hands
  Swollen Hands
  Thick Skin On The Palms
  Thumb Weakness
  Tingling In Hand
  Tingling Of The Fingers
  Tingling Sensation In The Ring And Little Fingers
  Tremor Or Spasms In The Hands
  Tremors Of Hands And Fingers
  Tremors That Worsen With Rest
  Warmth In Nail
  Weakness In The Hands And Feet
  Weakness In The Ring And Little Fingers


  Bloody Or Clear Fluid Released From The Nose, Mouth, Or Ear
  Brittle Hair
  Delayed Growth Of The Head
  Dull, Boring Pain The Temple On One Side That Spreads To The Entire Side Of The Head
  Gradual, Steady, And Evenly Dispersed Pain On Both Sides Of The Head
  Head Bleeding At The Site Of Injury
  Head May Appear Off - Centered
  Head Turns To One Side
  Headache - May Worsen Upon Lying Down
  Headache - Severe
  Headache - Severe - Lasting Several Hours
  Headache - Steadily Worsens
  Headaches Caused By Eye Strain
  Infants May Demonstrate A Bulging Or Swelling Around The Softer Areas Of The Skull
  Involuntary Tilting Of The Head – Right, Left, Up, Or Down
  Light Headedness
  Moving The Head From Side To Side
  Small Head
  Sudden Light-headedness
  Sudden Onset Of Headache
  Swollen Lymph Nodes Around The Head And Neck


  Deformation Of The Hip
  One Hip Appears Higher Or Lower Than The Other
  Severe Pain That Worsens Upon Attempting To Walk
  Swelling, Bruising, Redness, Or Tenderness Of The Hip


  Knee Tightness
  Lump Behind The Knee


  Acute, Sharp Pain Centralized In The Affected Leg Area
  Bruises On Legs
  Calf Pain
  Crawling Sensation In The Legs
  Hair Loss On Lower Legs, Feet, And Toes
  Leg Discomfort That Occurs While Sitting
  Leg Pain That Occurs When Flexing Or Raising The Leg
  Leg Swelling, Tenderness, Or Pain Most Commonly In The Calf Muscle
  Loose And Floppy Legs
  Loss Of Movement In Legs
  Movement And Walking Exacerbate Pain
  Numbness - Legs
  Pain In Thigh
  Pain Located In The Thigh Or Groin Area
  Puffy Legs
  Restless Leg Syndrome
  Soreness Or Pain When Walking That Cannot Be Relieved Through Rest
  Stiffness Of The Legs
  Sudden “heavy” Feeling In A Leg
  Swollen Legs
  Thigh Pain
  Tingling - Burning Or Numbing Sensations - Leg
  Tingling Sensation In The Legs
  Uncontrollable Movement Of The Legs While Sleeping
  Urge To Move The Legs When Sitting Or Lying Down
  Weakness Of The Legs

Lower Back

  Low Back Pain
  Lower Back Pain
  Lower Back Pain Around Your Period
  Pain Below The Ribs Or Sides
  Tender Kidneys
  Tenderness In Lower Back


  Aching Gums
  Aching Teeth
  Acidic Or Bad Taste In Mouth
  Altered Taste
  Attrition - Worn Down, Flattened, Or Chipped Teeth
  Bad Breath
  Bleeding Gums
  Bleeding Lump - Mouth
  Blue Discoloration Around Mouth
  Burning Sensation In Mouth
  Change In The Color Of The Tooth
  Chattering Teeth
  Chewed Inside Of The Cheek
  Cleft Lip
  Cleft Palate
  Cracks In The Corners Of The Mouth
  Dental Deformities
  Dentures Don't Fit
  Difficulty Speaking
  Drooling - Infants
  Drooling On One Side Of Mouth
  Dry Mouth
  Fluid-filled Blister On Lip
  Gray Film On Gums
  Impaired Sense Of Taste
  Increased Saliva Production
  Inflamed Mouth And Tongue
  Jaw Pain Or Discomfort
  Lip Blisters Dry Up Quickly
  Lip Pain
  Loosening Of Teeth
  Loss Of Color In The Mouth
  Lump In Any Part Of The Mouth
  Metallic Taste In The Mouth
  Mouth Bleeding
  Mouth Inflammation Or Redness
  Mysteriously Bitten Tongue
  Pain When Eating And Swallowing
  Painful Gums
  Pale Lump In Mouth Or Tongue
  Poor Pronunciation
  Red Gums
  Red Or Sore Tongue
  Redness (near Teeth)
  Roof Of The Mouth - Itching
  Rotten Taste In Mouth
  Round White Spot With A Red Border Inside The Cheek, Lip, Throat Or Floor Of The Mouth
  Scabbed Area After The Blister On Lip
  Sensitive Gums
  Shiny - Smooth And Red – Orange Colored Tongue
  Slurred Speech
  Sore Lump - Mouth
  Sore On Tongue
  Sores And Blisters Located Through The Mouth And Throat
  Sores In Mouth
  Sores On The Mouth And Tongue
  Stiff Tongue
  Swollen Gums (near Teeth)
  Swollen Lips
  Teeth Clenching
  Teeth Grinding
  Tender Gums - Infants
  Tender Or Soft Gums
  Tingling- In The Lips And Tongue
  Tiny Pearly White Cysts On The Roof Of The Mouth
  Tooth Erosion Along The Borders Of The Gums
  Tooth Loss
  Tooth Pain
  Tooth Sensitivity
  Ulcers - Mouth
  Ulcers Between The Teeth And On The Gums
  Ulcers Of The Mouth Or Throat
  Uneven Whitish Line Inside The Mouth
  Unpleasant Or Acidic Taste In Mouth
  Unpleasent Taste In The Mouth
  White Thick Creamy Patches - Mouth


  Atrophy - Muscle
  Body Aches - Muscles
  Extreme Muscle Fatigue Or Paralysis
  Inability To Control Muscles
  Involuntary Contraction Of Muscles
  Loss Of Muscle Control
  Loss Of Muscle Mass
  Muscle Aches
  Muscle Fatigue
  Muscle Injuries
  Muscle Pain
  Muscle Pain, Tightness, Or Cramping In The Limbs
  Muscle Spasms
  Muscle Stiffness
  Muscle Swelling
  Muscle Tension
  Muscle Tics
  Muscle Twitching
  Muscle Weakness
  Muscles May Appear Large And Strong But Are Actually Weaker Than Normal
  Slowly Contracting Muscles
  Swelling And Itching Of Skin
  Tightening Of The Muscles – Legs Curled, Fists Clenched, Flexed Muscles - Baby
  Twisting Of The Muscles
  Weakness Or Cramps In The Muscles (esp. During Exercise)


  Difficulty Moving The Neck
  Distended Veins In The Neck Area
  Enlarged Thyroid Gland
  Neck Pain Or Discomfort
  Neck Stiffness
  Numbness, Tingling, And Other Strange Sensations In The Neck, Shoulders
  Pain From The Neck To The Arm
  Small Red Bumps On The Neck
  Stiff Neck
  Swelling Of The Neck
  Swollen Glands In The Neck
  Swollen Neck Veins
  Tightness Or Tenderness In The Neck, Head, Or Scalp Muscles


  A Lump In The Nose
  Changes In Smell
  Chronic Stuffy Nose
  Complete Or Partial Loss Of The Sense Of Smell
  Crooked Shaped Nose
  Difficulty Breathing Through The Nose
  Erosion Of The Nose
  Growths Inside Of The Nose (nasal Polyps)
  Impaired Sense Of Smell
  Itching Of The Nose
  Leaking Cerebrospinal Fluid From The Nose
  Nasal Congestion
  Nasal Discharge
  Nasal Discharge That Is Clear
  Nasal Discharge That Is Greenish - Yellow
  Nose And Cheekbone Tenderness
  Pain In The Nose
  Persistent Blockage In The Nose
  Post-nasal Drip
  Pus And Blood Discharge From The Nose
  Recurrent Sinus Infections
  Red And/or Thick Skin Located On The Nose Or Cheek
  Red Bulbous Nose
  Reduced Sense Of Smell
  Runny Nose
  Sinusitis And Nasal Polyps
  Skin Discoloration On The Nose
  Sores In Nose
  Stuffy Nose
  Sudden Bleeding From One Or Both Nostrils
  Swollen Nose
  Unusual Smells Or Tastes


  Flattened Pelvic Bones - Infants
  Pelvic Pain
  Pelvic Pain And Cramping Several Days Prior To Period
  Pelvic Pain During Ovulation
  Weakness In Pelvis

Reproductive Organs - Male / Female

  Inability To Conceive
  Inability To Impregnate Healthy, Fertile Women
  Pain Or Discomfort During Intercourse
  Uterine Contractions
  Uterine Cramps


  Cradle Cap – In Infants
  Dry Hair
  Hair Loss
  Hair Loss Around The Immediate Location Of A Rash
  Itchy Scalp
  Recession Of Hair Around The Upper Forehead And Temples
  Small Red Bumps On The Scalp
  Soft Or Fine Hair
  Sporadic Hair Loss Throughout Scalp
  Sudden Loss Of Hair In Circular Patches
  Thinning Hair On Head
  White Hair


  Lack Of Ability To Use The Arm Without Experiencing Shoulder Pain
  Loss Of Range Of Motion In The Shoulder
  One Shoulder Appears Higher Or Lower Than The Other
  Shoulder Pain Or Discomfort
  Shoulder Weakness
  Shoulders May Appear Rounded


  Bite Marks
  Blackened Skin
  Bleeding Beneath Skin
  Bleeding Lesion
  Bleeding Under The Skin
  Blood-filled Blisters
  Blue Skin While Coughing – More So In Children And Infants
  Bluish Skin Tone
  Bright Red Areas On Skin
  Brown, Scaly Skin
  Bruising Easily
  Bump On Skin Bleeds Easily When Injured Or Agitated
  Bump Under The Skin With Sharp Edges That Are Soft, Flat, And Yellowish
  Bumps Clustered In Ringed Groups
  Bumps Do Not Evoke Pain Or Skin Irritation
  Bumps May Appear Brown, Scarlet, Or Blueish-black In Color
  Bumps On Skin- White Or Flesh-colored
  Bumps Or Skin Eruptions That Appear Throughout The Entire Body
  Burning Sensations - Skin
  Burrow Marks Typically Found In The Folds Of Skin
  Center Of The Individual Patches May Appear Lighter Than Their Outer Rings
  Change Or Alteration In Mole
  Clammy Skin
  Clusters Of Small Fluid Filled Blisters (surrounded By Small Area Of Red)
  Crackling Of Skin
  Dark Patches Of Skin
  Deep Sores On Skin
  Development Of A Single, Small Skin Eruption
  Dome Shaped Lumps - Located On The Trunk, Neck, Back, Arms, Or Upper Thigh
  Dry Skin
  Flat Or Elevated Skin Leison
  Flat Red Rash That Covers Most Of The Body And Looks Similar To Sunburn
  Flat Skin Lesions That Are Light Brown To Black In Color In Areas That Are Exposed To Sun
  Flat, Red Rash (appears About 3 To 5 Days After A Fever)
  Flat, Red Rash - Groin - Between The Toes And Fingers - Under Breast - Skin Folds
  Flesh Colored Bumps-1/2 To 2 Inches Across
  Flesh-colored Growth With A Crusted Or Scaly Indent In The Center
  Formation Of A Small, Movable, “non-tender” Nodule
  Foul Discharge - Skin
  Growths - Flesh Colored And Soft
  Growths - Small In Size
  Growths On Feet That Are Hard And Flat, With A Rough Surface
  Growths On Skin- Brown, Black, Yellow-brown, Or Flesh Colored
  Growths On Skin- Flat, Raised, Smooth Or Rough
  Growths That Are Firm And Typically Have A Rough Surface
  Growths That Are Round Or Irregularly Shaped , Yellow, Grey, Or Brown In Color
  Infections In Wounds Giving Off A Fruity Odor
  Inflammation On The Skin
  Irritated, Itching Or Burning Skin
  Itchiness - Skin
  Itchy Leison
  Leathery Skin
  Lesions That Range From Brown To Pink In Color
  Localized Red Rash (does Not Spread)
  Lumps May Appear Smooth, And Easily Movable
  Lumps That Tend To Be Painful And Generate Heat
  No Sweating
  Nodules On The Skin
  Numb Skin
  Pain - Skin
  Pain And Itching - Skin
  Pale Complexion
  Pale Skin, Nails, Gums, Or Eyes
  Papules And Pustules
  Patches Commonly Appear On Both Sides Of The Nose , Cheeks, Or Jaw Line
  Patches Of Skin That Are Smooth And White In Color
  Patches Of Skin With Missing Skin Color
  Patches On Skin Ranging From 2 To 5 Inches Across
  Persistent Redness - Skin
  Poor Complexion
  Prone To Sunburns
  Purple Skin And Nails
  Purple-black Spots On The Skin
  Raised, Pus Filled, Noodle-like Areas Of Skin That Pooch Out
  Raised, Red, Discoid-shaped, Scaly Patches Located On The Skin
  Rash Located On The Palms, Soles Of Feet, And Limbs
  Rash (with Blisters) Located On The Hands, Feet, And Groin
  Rash - Mild (commonly On The Back, Abdomen, Or Chest)
  Rash Beigining As A Red Dot That Spreads Outward
  Rash May Itch Or Burn
  Rash Spots - Evenly Shaped, And May Appear In The Form Of Rings
  Rash Worsening When Scratched
  Rash – Shaped In A Ring
  Recurrent Skin Infections
  Red Bumps On Skin
  Red Lesions Or Lumps Located On The Shins, Ankles, Or Knees
  Red Line Appearing From The Inflamed Area Extending Toward The Heart
  Red Or Pink Sun Rash
  Red Or Purple Skin Rash
  Red Patches On Skin
  Red Rash Begining Face Before Spreading To Entire Body
  Red Skin
  Red Skin Rash – Begins On Hands And Feet But May Spread To Other Areas Of The Body
  Red Spots On The Skin
  Red, Oozing, And Crusted - Skin
  Reddish Brown Rash – Rash May Be Scaling, Crusty, Or Have Raised Fluid-filled Lesions
  Reduced Skin Elasticity
  Scaling Skin
  Series Of Raised Tracks On Skin, Each With A Different Shape, Size, And Pattern
  Severe Pain And Swelling Around The Bite
  Shiny Red Skin Around Joint
  Skin - Bumps Small, Itchy And May Appear Purple Or Reddish-purple With A White Surface
  Skin Becomes Blue Or White
  Skin Bleeding
  Skin Darkening
  Skin Discoloration
  Skin Flaking
  Skin Irritation
  Skin Lesions
  Skin Lesions May Be Painful, Break Open, And Bleed
  Skin May Appear To Be Moist Or Crusty
  Skin Peeling
  Skin Rash (often On Cheeks)
  Small Painless Bumps Under The Skin - Often Appear In Bony Areas Of The Affected Joints
  Small Painless Lump Under The Skin
  Small Papules
  Small Papules Located On The Skin
  Small Patches Of Skin That Are Scaly And Rose-colored
  Small Red Raised Patches With Slivery-white Scales That May Itch Or Hurt
  Small Veins In The All Over The Skin
  Smooth, Pink, Red Or Purplish Patches Of Color On Skin
  Spread Of Nodules In A Linear Formation
  Sudden Appearance Of Rashes, Hives, Or Other Skin Irritations
  Sudden Skin Bleeding
  Swelling - Skin
  Tenderness, Redness, And Swelling Of One Area Of The Skin
  Thick Crusty Skin After Scratching The Affected Area
  Tingling Or Prickling Skin
  Ulcers - Skin
  Unexplained Bleeding Or Bruising
  Unexplained Bruising Or Blood ‘spots’ Under Skin - Newborn
  Vein May Harden And Appear As A Hard, Sore, Or Tender “chord” Under The Skin
  Visible Blood Vessels In The Surface Of The Skin
  Warming Sensations Occurring In One Centralized Area Of The Skin
  Waxy Skin
  Wheals (raised Rings Of Redness With A Pale Center)
  White Or Frozen Skin
  White Or Graying Hairs On Skin
  White Or Pinkish Patches Of Skin
  White Or Yellow Bumps
  Whitening Of Skin - May Appear Cooked
  Yellow Discoloration Of The Skin
  Yellow Or Red Scaly Bumps Anywhere From The Upper Back Up

The Mind / Brain

  A Belief That Other People May Be Able To Hear Or Alter Their Thoughts
  Abnormally High Or Low Iq
  Actively Defying Rules
  Altered Consciousness
  An Obsessive Concern With Diet And Body Weight
  Anger And Outrage
  Anxious With Complaints Involving Various Parts Of The Body
  Arguing With Adults
  Being Angry And Resentful
  Blaming Other For Their Mistakes
  Change In Mental And Behavioral State
  Changes In Mental Status
  Changes In Mood
  Confusion - Post Seizure
  Decreased Mental Function
  Delayed Mental Skills
  Delusions (irrational Beliefs)
  Denial Of The Stressor Or Denial Of Its Negative Impact
  Depressed Mood
  Difficulty Falling Asleep
  Difficulty Learning
  Difficulty Performing Tasks
  Disorganized Thoughts
  Displaying Little To No Emotion
  Emotional Instability
  Failure To Recognize Family And Familiar People
  Fear Of Dying
  Fear Of Going Crazy Or Of Losing Control
  Fear Of Men
  Fear Or Emotional Distress During Sexual Intercourse
  Fearful Or Despondent About The Future
  Feeling Anxious
  Feeling Emotionally Drained Or Numb
  Feeling No Sense Of Guilt- If The Child Has Done Something Seriously Wrong
  Feelings Of Doom
  Feelings Of Guilt Or Anger
  Feelings Of Hopelessness
  Feelings Of Nervousness
  Feelings Of Sadness
  Feelings Of Shame
  Feelings Of Strangeness Or Detachment From The Environment
  Feelings Of Worthlessness And Helplessness
  Foggy Memory
  Having Tantrums When Separated From Their Parents Or Caregivers
  Higher Self-esteem
  Homicidal Acts
  Homicidal Thoughts
  Impaired Judgment
  Impulsive And Aggressive Behavior
  Inability To Concentrate
  Inability To Recognize Words
  Increased Use Of Substances Such As Cigarettes, Alcohol, And Drugs
  Intellectual Decline
  Intense Feelings Of Guilt
  Lack Of Concentration
  Language Problems
  Loss Of Initiative
  Loss Of Interest In Sex
  Loss Of Sexual Desire
  Loss Of Sexual Inhibition
  Loss Of Temper
  Low Intelligence Quotient (iq)
  Low Self-esteem
  Memory Loss
  Mental Confusion
  Mental Disclarity
  Mental Impairment
  Misplacing Things
  Mood Swings
  Negative Thoughts
  Not Knowing The Difference Between Right And Wrong
  Numbness - Feeling
  Odd Repetative Behavior
  Personality Changes
  Poor Judgement
  Poor Self-esteem
  Preoccupation With The Fear Of Having A Serious Medical Condition
  Problems With Abstract Thinking
  Racing Thoughts
  Refusing To Follow Instruction
  Repeated Hesitation To Be Away From Their Parents Or Caregivers
  Repeated Nightmares About Being Away From Their Parents Or Caregivers
  Sadness And Crying Spells
  Short Term Memory Problems
  Slow Behavioral Development- In Children
  Slow Mental Development
  Social Anxiety
  Social Withdrawal
  Sudden Lack Of Interest In Their Own Hobbies
  Suicidal Acts
  Suicidal Thoughts
  Thoughts Of Suicide Or Death
  Unrealistic Plans


  Back Of The Throat - Itching
  Blisters Or Sores Located Within The Lining Of The Throat And Mouth
  Bright-red Tonsils
  Burning Of The Esophagus And Throat
  Chokes (severe Breathing Difficulty)
  Choking Sensation
  Difficulties Swallowing
  Excessive Clearing Of The Throat
  Food May Feel As Though Its Stuck In The Throat
  Gray Tough Coating In The Back Of The Throat
  Hoarseness Upon Waking
  Loss Of Voice
  Lump Or Irritation In The Throat
  Muffled Or Hoarse Voice Or Cry
  Obstruction Of Air Flow
  Rapidly Onset Throat Pain
  Regurgitation Of Food
  Scratchy Or ‘breathy’ Voice
  Sharp Sound From Throat And/or Mouth
  Sore Throat
  Spasm Of The Vocal Cords
  Swollen Tonsils
  Throat Pain Increases When Swallowing
  Tickle In The Throat
  Violent Spasms Of The Throat Muscles That Severely Impair Swallowing
  Voice Alterations
  Voice Becomes Deeper
  White Or Gray Membrane Covering In Throat
  White Spots On The Tonsils

Upper Back

  Hump In The Upper Back


  Bruising Of The Wrist
  Deformity Of The Wrist
  Sharp Pains Which Emanate From The Wrists And Shoot Up The Arm
  Swelling Of The Wrist
  Tenderness At The Base Of Wrist And Thumb
  Wrist Pain

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