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Large Intestine Polyp

General Information on Large Intestine Polyp

A polyp of the large intestine is a small growth that occurs within the rectum or the lining of the colon. Polyps generally grow in clusters or singularly and may appear with or without a stalk. Typically, polyps form more frequently as age increases. Most cases of colon cancer emerge as a result of untreated polyps, though not all polyps will result it in a malignancy.

Symptoms of Large Intestine Polyp

In most instances polyps will not produce any symptoms. However, atypically certain circumstances may produce rectal bleeding, mucus discharge from the anus, stomach cramps or abdominal pain.

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Treatments For Large Intestine Polyp

Since polyps rarely produce any significant symptoms, polyps are generally discovered during a routine physical or colonoscopy. Treatment to remove the polyps will usually be recommended in order to help reduce the risk of cancer. Polyps are generally removed by electric cauterization during a colonoscopy. In some cases surgery will be needed depending on the type of polyp present. After any polyps have been removed, they will be tested for the presence of cancer. Most polyps are benign, but if cancer is detected the patient will need to begin treatment immediately. If you are experiencing symptoms similar to those listed above consult your doctor immediately as these may be signs of a more serious condition.

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